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2023 Digital Yearly Planner is out now!

Our Digital Planner in 2022 proved a huge success, so this year it returns with extra features. Download and print professionally, or simply use on your local device as an interactive PDF, the 2023 Digital Planner is adabtable so it can work how your year needs it to work.


 — Week–to–view planner split into 10 week terms
 — List of Australia author and illustrator birthdays
 — Suggested reading lists for older readers, younger readers and early childhood
 — Great non-fiction book lists to have in your classroom or library
 — Books for teachers and parents to help encourage children to read
 — Poetry resource package
 — Lists of all the previous CBCA Book of the Year winners
 — Recording sheets to help you stay organised. 

Whether your a teacher, a librarian, or just someone who likes to be organised, the CBCA 2023 Digital Yearly Planner is a perfect tool to keep you on–task and on–track in 2023!